Friederike Bartel, born 1988 in Hanover, lives in Leipzig as a freelance musician. She founded the Denied Square Quintet in 2019, musically located somewhere between modern jazz and collective improvisation. Together with Olga Reznichenko, Carl Wittig, André van der Heide and Georg Demel the quintet learn her compositions and improvisational concepts. 2022 they have released their first EP Exit Boredom. Being part of the Leipzig jazz scene, Friederike also plays with the contemporary jazz big band Spielvereinigung Süd and with Gellert Szabó‘s Ideal Orchestra, an improvisors orchestra composed of the rich diversity of Leipzig‘s improvising musicians. Her main instruments are soprano, alto and bariton saxophone and clarinet.In the past she has worked with a variety of big band projects, modern musical theater and within the context of her studies in London she was part of the UK jazz scene as well.